Attention to detail

GreenTech Automotive espouses a very simple design philosophy: design, develop, manufacture, and market environmentally friendly, energy-efficient vehicles. GTA's core values encompass green technology, affordability, and job creation.
To GTA, green technology starts with efficient hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrain technologies.
We believe that consumers are ready to shift their thinking on how and what we drive. We contend that there's a whole new category of vehicle in our future: purpose-built, electric vehicles that are small, efficient and emission free. Can we change our thinking? Yes, in fact every day, most of drive less than 19 miles a day and many of those miles are spent running every day errands within our communities. Low Speed Electric Vehicles are the perfect solution to these trips, be they around the neighborhood, local shopping, to school, an evening out or errands --- all at under 2 cents a mile.
Businesses will also find the Low Speed Electric Vehicles can offer solutions that support their sustainability goals. MyCar can easily be adapted and employed to accommodate local delivery vehicles, support promotional and marketing needs, offer safe, efficient transportation on corporate campus, be used in resort settings for guest transportation, as warehouse or security vehicles...the applications are endless.
Our work is not ending with the MyCar. Our goal is to build a product portfolio that brings truly affordable green transportation that offers you a choice of fun, efficient, and clean vehicles to serve your needs.



function, form, style

A vehicle is much more than an engine or motor. One of the key tenets of our design philosophy is a commitment to functional design and head-turning styling without sacrificing our commitment to safe, green transportation. For example, MyCar features innovative features that include a surprisingly, spacious interior and an expansive visual field that provides excellent outward visibility and an airy feeling.



efficient, maneuverable, fun to drive

Weight is the enemy of efficiency, so the MyCar is designed on a light weight chassis that allows us to engineer ride, handling, steering, and braking characteristics that make our cars fun to drive. Just because a car is friendly to the environment doesn't mean it cant be fun to drive.



Beauty in simplicity, form & function

A car has to be comfortable to drive. All controls and need to be instinctive to operate and easy to read. Gauges should provide the important information you need, at a glance. Our interior designers pay careful attention to ergonomics, comfort, and functionality.


fun to own

superb handling, responsive control

The GTA Product line encompassing the GTA G-2 Sedan and much loved MyCar are built to be fun to drive, giving you full immediately responsive controls. Through our innovative design and technology driving is fun again. Never having to stop to buy expensive gasoline may also put a smile on your face. 



at 2 cents a mile

Energy is the amount of power consumed over time, and power is how quickly something consumes energy. These translate to driving range and acceleration, respectively. we have maximized both while reducing battery weight.



innovations in safety

We incorporate high levels of active and passive safety. MyCar, our low-speed NEV, incorporates GTA's safety cell technology, featuring an aluminum space frame with rigid, energy-absorbing structures up front and tall side sills to help prevent injuries during side impacts. MyCar also has 4-wheel disc brakes and responsive steering and handling. For us, safety is paramount and is first and foremost built into our innovation and design.

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